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Hangar; Week One

Hmmm. . What should I say about the Hangar? Hmmm. . . The hangar just gives me a very different kind of feeling when I am there. You know just like kids-in-Disneyland kind of feeling. Well, aside from the scorching heat and the awful smell of fuel and kerosene, it is an AWESOME place to go to. There is so much learning here! Talking to the mechanics is way better than reading your book! With all the aircraft around you it is just fun! Well after all, how often do you get to lean on an airplane? Or read newspaper on the wing? >.<

So the first picture of today….

Is from my room! LOL. This is my new wallpaper! As opposed to the previous Haruhi wallpaper I used below.

Just love that cute lil nendoroid. ^^, FuGa!

Next! Breakfast! This is my weekend breakfast!

For me weekday breakfast, we have this. . .

Spaghetti and pancake with pancake syrup! Bloody delicious! Looking at this it made me felt hungry angain!!!!!

Ok ok, back to hangar! >.<

This is the first picture we took at then hangar using Fariez’s phone but God knows where the hell he is looking la. And btw, the aircraft behind us is a Diamond DA-42. A twin engine aircraft! We won’t be flying this yet though.

This is the same plane but with the engine cowling opened! My first ever look at an aircraft engine!

A closer look. See how clean the engine is! Compared to a car’s engine. . . The piping a cables all looked damn beautiful. Just like some super car engine! >.<

The other side of the engine.

This below is the aircraft that I am going to fly. This the the Socata Tobago 10. Single engine constant speed propeller, powered by Lycoming engine, model O-360-A1AD, producing 180BHP, rated RPM 2700!

This aircraft from what I heard, suffered a propeller strike. Thus you don’t see the propeller here. Other than that this fella is flyable still! And also this airplane’s left wing has a small dent. The instructor told us that it hit a kite =.=|| poor fella.

This is the cockpit of the Diamond DA-40.

Oh and this week we went to the tower for a visit. We need to go to the tower often when we are flying navigation sorties I think. To submit flight plans.

The experience at the tower was amazing! We learned so many new stuffs that we have never even read before!

Danial a.k.a Mr Bean there looking stoned. . . (If he sees this I am dead…… >.<)

View of the apron, taxiway and the runway from the tower!

A privatet jet parked on the bay

The guy sitting there is the controller and the screen he is looking at is the radar screen of all the traffic. The yellow tags you see in the screen are all aircrafts. He is actually holding a telephone-like transmitter on his right hand giving instructions to aircrafts. The controller’s job really is like a chess player mixed with a  chef. He constantly needs to think of all the movement and how he can make sure nobody crashes into each other and also ensure smooth flow of traffic. He is also like a chef because he needs to remember who request what and when to give clearance to who. It is really crazy. And if you see to the right of the radar screen you will see a board with Langgun, Datai and Cincin. Thats actually the name of our training area and this board will help him in keeping tabs of all the traffic present.

This is what I will have to study now. And also another Type Technical book.

This is basically the Standard Operating Procedures(S.O.P) for our aircraft. It basically tells us our do’s and don’ts. The technical book on the other hand tells us everything about our aircraft. So for comparison, S.O.Ps are like telling you how you should drive a car and technical book is like your car’s owner manual.

See all the procedures. Scary!

Aircraft all lined up ready for start-up with a MAS aircraft departing in the background. This picture would look great if the weather was better!

Anyway thats all for this week. Will post more pics when I start flying next week!



Well first of all, I am a lil late in updating this week because…. I totally forgot that it was a Friday yesterday. Oopsss >.< Well it was mainly due to my latest addiction to SimCity 4. It is an old game (about 5 years old) but then I still love it.

Alright I am just to let you guys know what am I currently up to right now and what’s in store for me in the future.

First up is that I am having my DCAT finals next week. And although I have an exam next week, I am not a bit nervous >.<  And then following next after this is that I will be doing my PPL flying which will last until the final week of December/beginning of January, meaning Christmas & New Year for me will be celebrated here. T.T But I am glad that its this way. At least its possible for me to come back for Chinese New Year (mind you we cannot apply leave while in the flying phase). I do not want to miss another Chinese New Year!

After my DCAT, I do have a 4 days break but then I do not plan to go back to Penang because it was a very short break and I plan to drown myself with games/dramas/movies and just to hang around here.

Aside from studying there are also a few stuff which are bugging me right now. One of that is of course Internet connection. I have been planning to get a wireless broadband from Celcom. I am actually planning to get the fastest package because looking at the price of the package by paying an extra 30 bucks, comparing to the basic package, I am getting lots of additional speeds! This will definitely quench my drama/anime/movie downloading mania!

Well everything seems fine here until I take a look at the starting price/upfront cash you have to pay initially. At least RM600 or something around that range. WTF?! That would mean 2 months of my allowance! How the hell am I going to live la like that? So the thought of me sharing with my roommate came up.

We were thinking of hooking up our computers together and create a network so both of us can share the internet. But wtf another dead end. People keep telling me its not possible. I know of course Celcom will definitely find a way to disallow sharing because this would mean them losing customers!

I was thinking that the modem is using the USB port as in input, which means that our Ethernet port is still free to do a LAN networking and by doing this LAN networking and allowing another computer to connect to the internet through my computer as a host(in which Windows does have an option for this) I thought it might be possible. But people are telling me that cannot work. Anybody tried this method before? I am just thinking out loud.

I never tested this method before because I couldn’t find someone to test it with.

Anyway yesterday I borrowed Daniel’s modem and test the signal strength in my room. I am getting a decent 10-15kb/s download rate, in which I am happy. But then thinking about the cost again really makes me sad.

So I guess desperate times sparks desperate measures! Which till now I still don’t have. haih. Getting internet is tough here in Malaysia. How I wish I am in Japan now. Read this Imagine that kind of speed! 7.7MByte/sec! @.@

Anyway lets put internet aside. I have a new nickname here. I got a number here. No its not Codename : 47. I am not a hitman. I am now called 14 here. You don’t want to know why I am called 14 here.

Oh for this week I take picture of the sky everytime I go for dinner and here’s the snap shot. Definitely good for yer eyes!

And this is my favourite! The crimson sky!

The picture quality is a lil poor because I took it with my handphone. ^^,

Guess I am going to stop here. Battery power running out. Have a nice weekend ahead. Bye.

Week Conclusion

First off, I would like to start this weeks post by saying :



nagareboshi ni negaiwo

Which means : Wishing Upon A Shooting Star

Just so in case next time if you want something that you have been wishing for for ages and want it so badly, just say this phrase, hoping that a shooting happens to pass by and hope that the shooting star is kind enough to grand you your wish. I know lots of hope there but its not too bad to have hopes right. ^^,

Another week over and its down to 18 days before I head back to Penang for 6 days. And to tell you now I am really excited. Mostly not because I am coming back but because I just read the review for Grand Theft Auto IV and things looks promising and it is superb!

Please don’t think that I am some lunatic who goes around killing innocent civilians and stuffs. I love this game mainly because it allows the player to take things to the limit. To stretch things to the new level and also to do things we can never do in real life. And don’t worry whatever I do in the game stays in the game. LOL.

Anyway its Friday again and I love Fridays!! Because it means I have 2 days of peace and also lots of sleeping time for me! LOL.

Anyway I got my battery yesterday and I am damn happy with it. Finally my laptop is back ‘normal’! ^^, It comes in a beautiful yellow DHL bag! Cool.

DHL Express. Express Flyer

And the best thing of all is Dell didn’t even charge me a single cent! I always LOVE Dell’s after-sale service! Its superb and it exceeds my expectation. Things get done quickly and I am really happy. By quick I mean, Dell was notified of my problem on Monday and the battery is here on Wednesday!

And seriously I have no idea sending parcel through DHL cost so much. I know it is expensive but I did not expect it to cost so much.

52.80 USD!?!?!!? That would definitely burn a valley in my pocket! OUCH!

Ok finish with my battery! LOL

This week we venture more into Jet Engines and here is a picture for you guys to see what a Jet Engine looks like in the inside. This is just the front portion only where the compressor is located. And this compressor is the axial type compressor. For those of you who wants to know more about axial compressor kindly click here.

Axial Flow Conpressor. Get sucked in there and I can guarantee you would get yourself an instant chopped-up-into-millions-of-pieces of yourself.

Yup, the combustion chamber. But this topic hasn’t been thought yet as of the time this photo is taken.

Below is the Cannular Combustion chamber. There is also other types but I love this one. Maybe because of the round shape?

The real thing looks like this. (Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia)

This is just for you to compare how much I love coloring and how much highlighter ink is wasted because of my ‘hobby’ LOL. Prefer it this way than the plain black and white look. ^^, Even my engines are coloured if you notice in the first picture.

Oh and there is also a bazaar situated across the airport terminal and its about 5 minutes from our school by bicycle. Went there the other day to check it out and got myself this :

Yum Yum! Absolutely delicious!

And this is one of the paddy field near my flying school. It is very nice! And the feeling of being close to one is really different. Compare to seeing it on the television its really different. Looks calm and peaceful.

And look what I found when I venture into the field!

Aya-chan! b(^w^)d

I am sure many of you don’t expect it to be a trap! ^^,

Anyway till I am back again, you guys be well and happy ok.

Busted Battery

Dell o Dell. What can thou do for my now defective battery that only lasted me for 14 months!

^^, Yup my battery is busted (or so I think). I am going to call Dell Tech Support this coming Monday to see what can be done because it seems to me that my battery died “prematurely”! And the best thing is that “he” decided to die 2 months after my warranty period has ended! Grrrrrr…. I know batteries do die but I checked online and its stated that the battery lifespan is normally about 2 to 3 years. Which makes me wonder why mine died early.

Ok here’s how it happened :

I noticed my battery light flashing 4 times red and then changes to blue yesterday evening, so at first I thought it was my adapter because I remembered that my laptop will flash red when I am low on battery. Checked and everything seems fine. Then I look at my battery charge; 98% ( this is due to me plugging out my power to check my adapter). So I plugged back in my power but this is where things look odd to me. My battery charge isn’t going up! So again I thought it was faulty indication on my window. Restart it and still the same.

So I tried to be smart and thought that it was a faulty charging condition. So I decided to discharge the battery to its minimum level and recharge it back, thinking it would fix my problem. It never did happen the way I thought it would be. Instead now my battery can’t be charged back and its stucked with 6% of battery life left! >.<

I went to plugged my battery into my friend’s laptop, and he also faced similar battery indicator flashing problem. So it was then, when I concluded that my battery has officially died. With unknown cause. T.T My beloved battery~~~

So any of you guys out there faced any battery issues before?



Came online to try to look for some technical stuff about airplanes and Google keep giving me sites which totally has no connection to what I am searching for. Grrrr…. T.T

Anyway. here’s the result of my language pack! Changed the language of my whole system. Love it. ^^,

Don’t ask me why I wanted to change it. No reasons. I just wanna change it. Maybe I am just bored. LOL.

Nothing much to update here actually. I am just out of ideas this week. I just hope that time passes faster and I can get home faster to enjoy my little 6 days of peace. The pace here is kinda fast. Week 2 into DCAT and we have finished nearly half of our books. And by books I meant 4 books. Day and night we are just studying.

I have no complains or whatsoever because I am actually doing what I love. What I wish is that, out of all this crazy speed, I just want to have that little piece of time to think of stuff or just relax for without the need to think of anything. Just a little piece of peace I guess. Thats all I wish for now. ^^,

Next week our class would start at 6.30am and finishes at 12.30pm. Due to the fasting month. So I guess the first few days is going to be terrible for me as my systems readjusts. >.<



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