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This could be one of the cutest and most adorable robots ever built! They are called the Tweenbots.








The idea? This cute little fellas only goes in a straight line and they depend solely on the good nature of people to help point them in the right direction which is printed on the flag they carry with them.

Its really nice to see people helping a little lost robot.

A little text from the creator :

In New York, we are very occupied with getting from one place to another. I wondered: could a human-like object traverse sidewalks and streets along with us, and in so doing, create a narrative about our relationship to space and our willingness to interact with what we find in it? More importantly, how could our actions be seen within a larger context of human connection that emerges from the complexity of the city itself? To answer these questions, I built robots.

For more information and better videos and pictures go to their home at Tweenbots


Have You Ever Wondered. . .

This week for me have been pretty easy. I am not scheduled to fly since last Thursday, but still I have to go to the Hangar for the daily morning dose of roll call which I must admit is taking its toll on my system from all the getting-up-early routine.

Anyway, because of me doing nothing nowadays, I must say my pace kinda “slowed” down a little and I have come to appreciate the surroundings.

I was sitting at the Hangar the other day, early in the morning. It was so peaceful. Watching the mechanics pushing the airplanes out onto the tarmac while at the same time looking at the orange sky; the sun rising. With it as a background I listened to the chirping of the birds. And I thought to myself. Wow

It was beautiful. It reminded me a lot of my childhood. Images of my childhood just flashes by one by one all those sweet crazy moments. It made me think of my parents, my brother, friends and all those important people in the world.

I learned; that if we just stop, close our eyes, breathe deep, look up and then open our eyes looking at the blue sky, life can be pretty amazing!

Its a Wonderful World!

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I love flying!


I am like a far away star,
Shinning dimly,
Barely noticed,
Perhaps I am a beacon of hope,
Or perhaps not,
Perhaps I am just a star…
Another dim star,
In the midst of a zillion stars.

I am so far away from you,
Barely able to reach out to you,
And slowly you begin to slip away from my grasp,
Slowly drifting apart,
I reached out..
But then I was just too late.

I wondered through fiction,
To search for the truth,
Clearly knowing I wouldn’t find,
What I am looking for.

I just wished that you would somehow look at me..
Look at how hard I am trying to reach out to you.

But then this distance is just overwhelming…….


I really wanted to know,

Why is the world so distorted?

What is the source of that distortion?

Why does malice still linger beneath the surface of people’s thought?

Why do they not try to notice that malice?

Why do some people destroy the lives of others?

Why do people rule, and why are they ruled?

Why do they hurt one another?

And yet, why do people try so hard to survive?

I desired answers,

I thought I might have found them if I had met you,

You who desire they same thing, but walk a different path from me,

A path where people learn to understand one another and the answer it brings…

I have desired them for a long time, alongside my Gundam,

Alongside my Gundam…

Setsuna F. Seiei,

Gundam 00,

Translation by Conclave-Mendoi.

Something to Think About…

He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool – shun him. He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a child – teach him. He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep – wake him up. He who knows, and knows that he knows, is wise – follow him.

– Persian Proverb

He who cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself.

– G. Herbert

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and think what nobody has thought.

– Albert Szent Gyorgyi

The ignorant man marvels at the exceptional; the wise man marvels at the common; the greatest wonder of all is the regularity of nature.

– G. D. Boardman

Napoleon said that the man who never makes a mistakes never makes war. Those who content themselves with pointing out the mistakes and blunders of those who are in struggle, are making, themselves, the greatest of all blunders. Nothing is easier than faultfinding. No talent, no self-denial, no brains, no character are required to set up in the grumbling business.

– Robert West



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