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I guess I missed the Christmas and the New Year celebrations.

It has been almost a month since my last post. Or was it already more than a month? LOL. I just know that it has been so long that I have almost forgotten the joy of typing and blogging. ^^,

Life has been busy for me. But albeit all that, I finally managed to find some time to blog again. ^^,

Anyway, I will be graduating soon. One more week to go and I will be home bound for good. ^^, After 18 months of training, I have to admit, I do learn a lot of new things and it has indeed made me wiser and made me a better person. I feel more grown up and felt that I am ready to take on the world. Although of course there are still many things for me to learn and experience. ^^,

Looking back 18 months ago, when I first step my foot into HMA, it does brings back a lot of memory. ~>.<~ I still remember I used to calculate the number of sorties I have to fly before I can graduate – a total of 179 sorties, clocking 200 hours and an infinite number of landings and take-offs. Now I have 7 more sorties to go – 2 simulator sorties and 5 actual flying. I use to dream of sitting in the cockpit. I use to dream of flying high in the sky. I dreamed of doing the ILS approaches. Looking at what I am doing now, it does feel like I am realizing my dream one by one. And it made me think back of those times where my family and all my friends were supporting me. ^^, They still do now, and I really appreciate it.

One more week to go….. I actually feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy for being finally graduating. Sad for leaving this place where I have reside for 18 months and leaving behind all those great instructors and friends….

Anyway, I guess I will stop here. I have to go see an instructor and get his signature for my paper work. ^^, Till I blog again, may god bless you. ^^, Be happy always. SMILE~! ^^,


Random Photos – Kitty Love

Just some random shots I took at the Hangar. ^^,

Was going to the washroom when I saw this two really cute cats sleeping. Went back to the crew room and took my camera.

Its a beautiful afternoon and to see them cuddling each other falling to sleep is just sweet. Mmmmm, such a warm feeling.


Looking at this two cats, I wonder, in our very busy lives, when was the last time we showed love to those who are really important to us?


How many times have we told them that we still care and that they really mean a lot to us?


A lot of us tend to take things for granted. We assume that everything is ok. Everything is fine

But in my opinion, it is this small small little words and actions that are the most important.

Life is short. Appreciate those who are important to you.


Looking at this two cats, it really reminds me of a lot of stuff. I just felt a very warm feeling inside of me when I saw them.

It is just beautiful.

Quickie; Time

How fast time has passed this year. It suddenly struck me when I saw on my Windows side bar that we are actually at week number 42 right now. Few more weeks to go before we celebrate another New Year welcoming year 2009.

It does feel like it’s a short year this year. Maybe it was due to my frequent travelling here and there. Well, in January I am in Sabah, still pursuing my Degree course and having fun with my great comrades there. And then 4 months later I am back in Penang for my 2 months sem break or should I call it my ‘final’ sem break. Then now I am here in Langkawi. So much movement. Which I am quite sure, have made me an expert mover now. LOL.

Like a blink of an eye, we are in mid October already. Can’t believe how much have happened to me this year. Thinking back I can still remember the rush, madness and fun. I can still remember those arguments with my parents when we were disagreeing on some stuff. Those fun times I had in Uni & when I am back in Penang enjoying those times with my great friends. Those times when I break promises. Those time when I am giving excuses. And those times when I just say I need more time. Thinking back and looking at all this really made me feel guilty. >.<

I am writing this today just to remind you people out there who are reading this that how precious time. I am sure you have heard of this phrase all too much. But all I am trying to say here is that never leave anything for tomorrow. If you can do it today, DO IT! You might not know that you won’t even have the chance to do it again tomorrow! And right here right now writing this post, it had put a smile on my face. Knowing that I still have people I cherish and love and that I am still very much alive and healthy! Cheers to that!

Oh and here’s the Quickie update for the week.

1.     Just finished my DCAT exam.

2.     The internet is damn slow. Too many users here.

3.     Most of my batch mates are going back to their hometown. And I am not. Damn! T.T

4.     Thinking of what to do for the rest of the week…..

5.     Still having thinking of internet subscription…

6. Starting flying phase next week, for the next 10 weeks.

7.     I want to eat sushi and steaks!! T.T

Moments of Life

Last night I went for an outing with a bunch of friends who is going to the university soon. Being with them reminds me a lot of the past where I was still so young then. All the times we shared, all the hardship we have endured being torture by facts and figures, all the laughter we had, all the stupid conversation and all the fun we had. Those were great great times.

And with this I would like to share with you the bittersweet(yes there are be ups and downs) moments in my life which has been very colorful and the people who have made it colorful. Cheers!

The end of Form 5

The top five exco of Unit 7 back in 2004

And the future excos.

The time when the 2 Samanthas & Supermama still look so innocent and I look so blonde

My National Service comrades

In full camouflage suit before moving out for a “operation”

Our Chem Camp in lower 6. Where we had a hell of a time!

Yes the public bathing scene

And the raep scene of course

Then its study time, and we become teachers.

To feel the ‘joy’ of teaching first-hand!

The beautiful scenery from Brothers’ Bungalow up in Penang Hill

And the class of 2005/2006, L6Sc1 & L6sc2

Nothing is complete without some sparkling juice. LOL. No alcohol is allowed!

During our annual Christmas Party

The time of the year when we can catch back on old times and what we have missed about each other

And simply remind ourself that we still have each other

And to back each other when we need it

With my god bro, Daniel

And my god sis, Donkey >.<

Not forgetting the Mamak stall session

When we are a lil adventurous and went to conquer the pole >.<

And everything nice will come to an end. The last day of Form 6

^^, The three…..I dunno what.LOL

Me and Yen Mei

Jaclyn’s farewell

BOD’s farewell dinner

The bear

And the dog >.<

Hanging out at Seawinds. With SushiGuy, Wey Wey, Nicki and Mei Lin

These are just some of the people(and things) who made life very FUN for me! Thank you!

I hope this reminds you of those sweet moments you have in your life, and I hope it continue to inspire you in your life and no matter who you are and where you are, have FUN ALWAYS AND LIVE LIFE TO ITS BRIM!! Cheers!

One Year in Sabah – Part II – My First Week

As usual in every new place we go, there is always this thing called orientation. Well this first week is our orientation and over here in my uni its called MSM – Minggu Suai Mesra. Its more like a hell week to me actually where we sleep at about 12am and wake up at 5am for one whole week. Why the odd hours? Well we have to practice for our induction ceremony which takes a long time and its done at night because in the afternoon we have other activities to tend to. Then we have to wake up at 5am because at 6am there is a Moral talk, which 100% of the time I am asleep while they are talking.

Our RM67 million hall on students’ registration day

At the upper floor of the hall before daily our practice session begins

The launching of the spot lights at our Sport Complex during our hell week. Before…

and after. Look at the amount of people. 4000 first year student! All lining up for a line dance! ^^

Half way through the line dance. And you can spot many people are night dreaming. ^^,

Me trying to look patriotic after the line dance but god knows whats wrong with my expression.

Me managed to recruit more members to the Patriotic Party! ^^,

And the end of hell week is finally here. Where we sang..

Dance…doing the wave thingy in this picture…

And cheer with all our heart!!

And at the end of the day, I am glad that the week is over but deep inside me, I felt something, something warm.. And thats when I realize, this one week has been hell but through hell we survived and enjoyed ourselves and it made us closer. Closer as a big family. And I knew this is where my journey begins with my new family here…

One Year in Sabah – Part I – The Arrival

I came to Sabah together with Li Lene on 29th June 2007. It was late and it was raining. We touched down at Sabah airport at about 1am, all thanks to our flight getting delayed.

Since it was my first time here and all, I was worried that we would have trouble finding transport to our university since its already 1am. But as we were exiting the airport, I am glad to see that there are still so many people there and most of them are UMS seniors there waiting for us and our transport is also outside waiting; the UMS bus!

So that was the first time I took the UMS bus and also the first time I am travelling around Sabah to my university while listening to one of the seniors explaining to us where we are.

The trip took about 20 minutes and I reach my new home at about 145am. And after my hostel registration in which I got Village B Blok B Room B.09 ( I also don’t know why I am assigned to a room with so many B), I moved into my new home.

Thats my broken bed on the left.

Beginning of an End, Beginning of a Beginning

Coming this end of the month we would have completed our first year in university, marking a milestone in our life. One step closer to realizing ones’ dreams.I wish to congratulate all of us!! Congratulations! We have came a long way since day 1!

Lately I have been thinking of a lot of things, all about the decisions I made in my life. How it impacted me and how it impacted others around me. How it changes my life. How it made me a better man. Lately I also wish that time would tick faster, fast forwarding us into the future when we are all already in the working world. I just wish to see how each of us turned out to be. All of us grown up adults. No more doing all that stupid stuff we used to do. No more chatting in class. No more holding grudges against our teachers/lecturers. Perhaps still talks craps. Again it makes me wonder and wonder. For this, I would wait patiently and see how it all turns out.

This coming May marks the end of my second semester, it marks the end of my university life. A one year battle together with my comrades. Marking this end, there will be a mark that will mark a new beginning, a new chapter in my life. A beginning that will change my life forever. Things will never ever be the same again. I will meet new people, new friends, new comrades. It does excites me when I think about it but at the same time it sent chills down my spine thinking about it. There seems to be a certain feeling of fear and doubt inside me. I do not know what I fear but that feeling somehow lingers in me. I guess I will definitely miss all my comrades here in Sabah. One year has been short, but it is enough for me to know you guys well. It has been enough to fill me with great memories. Memories of laughter and joy. How all of us laughs our hearts out. How all of us make a fool out of ourselves. I enjoyed every single moment here in Sabah with you guys around. You guys definitely adds flavors and colors to life here.

This time after I flew back to Peninsula, I don’t even know when will I ever come back to Sabah again. This is a very beautiful place. A very lovely place. It will always have its place in my heart. This place has given me so much memories. I checked my hard drive the other day and found out that I have 5++Gb of pictures and videos taken here in Sabah in this whole year. There are thousands of pictures inside. Perhaps the next time when I come back here would be to attend the convocation of all you comrades. haha. I am really looking forward to that moment.

I miss all my comrades in Penang as well. Well although currently all you guys are around the world doing your own stuff. Plotting your own course. Even so, I hope to meet up with you guys when I am back in Penang. But it gotta happen soon cause I am leaving for my flight training soon. Must find a time to yam cha to catch up on old times and also to keep me updated about you guys. What you guys are up to lately.

I found out today that sent-off for cadet pilots are very very grand. They sent you to your flying school in an airplane. And upon arrival, you took a picture with your batch mates with the airplane as the background. That is really really very cool. All clad in cadet pilot’s uniform taking picture. I can’t wait for that day to come. But what I can’t wait more is the day when I fly my first flight into the beautiful blue skies!! The sky is calling!!



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