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iPhone 3GS As A Robot Head

I am back again with more robots! ^^, This time, this robot has a fully functioning iPhone 3GS as its head. Pretty cool huh. I never know that you can do that with an iPhone.

Here is one bot that won’t be forced to sing “If I Only Had a Brain…” to any absent-minded wizard. The bo’ts head is composed of a fully-functioning iPhone 3GS, its body composed of a Kondo KHR-2HV bot. The iPhone connects to the body via a special dock.

Dubbed Robochan, the iPhone serves as the bot’s face and brain, simulating facial expressions and acting as a controller for the robot’s cute little dancing.

Via via Gearfuse

Its really cool how they can program an iPhone to function as the ‘brain’ of the robot. The only programming I knew was C++ which I learn way back in my uni days a couple of moons ago, so yeah, a robot with an iPhone 3GS as the head does amazes me. Hmmm.. Probably I will just go and unplug the iPhone from the robot and make a run for it. >.<~


Carnivorous Robot >.<

The designers & creators of these amazing sets of robots really amazes me. This time, the robot bites! Ouch!

No they don’t eat humans but they eat bugs & flies and other what nots to power themselves! Now this is amazing. A self-powered-bug-eating-robot. What can be better? >.<

According to the creator,

UK-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau believe that, if robots are ever to be welcomed into people’s homes, they’ll need to fit in with the rest of the furniture, and earn their keep. Their prototypes trap and digest pests like flies and mice to gain energy – see video demonstrating how they work.

Via News Scientist

To see more, go here :

Lampshade robot

Flypaper robotic clock

Coffee table robot

Fly-stealing robot

And here’s a video for you to enjoy

This is truly amazing in terms of ideas and design. I also did not know that bugs can generate enough energy to power these robots but then I think I wouldn’t want the coffee table in my future home. Imagine that one day you are enjoying a cuppa coffee on the table and suddenly a mouse pops up along the table, went to the trapped door and *poof* eaten by the table…..Damn….That would be ewwwww! Kids do not imagine this at home! You have been warned >.<

And for those who enjoy befriending robots that does not have an appetite for bugs, go here, here and here.

Kobian – Robot That Diplays Human Emotions

I noticed that lately I have taken a lot of interest on robots, and here I present to you another robot called Kobian, who is able to display human emotions! ^^,

Researchers from Waseda University unveiled this robot.

Kobian, a “humanoid” robot, which can express seven human emotions, has been unveiled by researchers at Waseda University in Japan. The Emotional Humanoid Robot can express seven different feelings, including delight, surprise, sadness and dislike. In addition to assuming different poses to match the mood, Kobian uses motors in its face to move its lips, eyelids and eyebrows into various positions. To express delight, for example, the robot put its hands over its head and opens its mouth and eyes wide. To show sadness, Kobian hunches over, hangs its head and holds a hand up to its face in a gesture of grief. Kobian can also walk around, perceive its environment and perform physical tasks. The robot features a double jointed neck that helps it achieve more expressive postures. It was developed and unveiled by researchers at Waseda’s Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering in Tokyo on Tuesday June 23. They were led by Professor Atsuo Takanashi, and worked with robot manufacturer Tmsuk, based in Kitakyushu, southern Japan. According to Kobian’s developers, the robot’s expressiveness makes it more equipped to interact with humans and assist with daily activities. There are plans for it to be further developed and then possibly deployed into the field of nursing.

Kobian in action :

I guess it is only a matter of time before we see robots start doing everything for us.

If you remember my previous post here about robots that replaces chefs, waiter and waitresses, this Kobian might actually be replacing nurses?

Hina Robot

A very adorable Hina robot – that makes coffee! Yes, it makes coffee. And is very cute while at it. >.< 

Hina Robot making coffee below :

This robot is built by Clockwork and the following at the specs :

Height: 36cm

Weight: 1.1kg

Servo: KRS-788HV×20、GWS-PICO-STD×1

Power supply: 12volt Hobby Robot battery or mains supply

Control board: RCB-3J

This is via

And there is another very adorable robot – Tweenbots which I posted up some time ago.

Japanese Robo Chef

Another robo from Japan but this time it cooks! >.< The world of automation and robotics are slowly taking over the job of humans. Soon humans won’t need to do anything anymore. And probably we will have a scenario something like the animation Wall e.

See the video on how the robot works. There is also a tray robot – who will be replacing the waiter and waitresses?>.< 

Embedding is disabled so here’s the link :


This could be one of the cutest and most adorable robots ever built! They are called the Tweenbots.








The idea? This cute little fellas only goes in a straight line and they depend solely on the good nature of people to help point them in the right direction which is printed on the flag they carry with them.

Its really nice to see people helping a little lost robot.

A little text from the creator :

In New York, we are very occupied with getting from one place to another. I wondered: could a human-like object traverse sidewalks and streets along with us, and in so doing, create a narrative about our relationship to space and our willingness to interact with what we find in it? More importantly, how could our actions be seen within a larger context of human connection that emerges from the complexity of the city itself? To answer these questions, I built robots.

For more information and better videos and pictures go to their home at Tweenbots



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