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Alpha Inventions Part II – The Aftermath

Last night I posted about AlphaInventions here.

I woke up today and saw the aftermath…


I am speechless…

Basically all the traffic come from AlphaInventions to my post on AlphaInventions….


and thus sets my new busiest day record, beating my last one of 247…


And finally this is the stats from clicky, 


I have mixed opinion over this. First is, I have a high page view, cool. Seeing a 4 figure page view is not something I see everyday. But at the same time, this type of page hits does not truly paint the true picture of my blog’s readership. Most people just passes by.

Anyway whatever it is, I am still happy that AlphaInvention generates tonnes of traffic for me but then my blog is just too ‘little’ to attract readers. I believe other webmasters/bloggers will find this useful though. ^^,


Be Amazed

Did You Know?

That 25% of India’s population with the highest IQ…Is GREATER than the population of the United States?

Translation : India has more Honors kids than America has kids.

Did You Know?

That the top 10 in-demand job in 2010…did not exist in 2004?

It means, we are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that haven’t been invented, in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.

Did You Know?

There are almost 200million registered users on MySpace.

If MySpace were a country, it would be the fifth largest in the world.

Did You Know?

It is estimated that a week’s worth of the New York Times contains more information thana person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century. 

Watch the video for more and be amazed!

To whom were this questions addressed to B.G? (Before Google) >.<

We are living in exponential times indeed!

“For students starting a 4 year technical degree this means that…half of what they learn in their first year of study will be outdated by their third year of study.”

Hmmmm… I guess this also means you can go and tell your lecturer that “Sir, what you are teaching us now is outdated.” >.<

SanctuaryStation Is One Year Old!!!!

Yup! The Station is one year old today!

And since I have a major exam tomorrow, I am gonna update this tomorrow. >.<

Seriously, I cannot have imagined that I managed to keep this blog alive for one year and it is still alive and going.

At a glance, the statistics of my blog as of today :


I have 162 posts in 11 categories with a total of 407 comments.

And as of today, 8408 peeps has stopped over at the station and enjoyed themselves ( I hope). With the busiest day on May 31st 2008.


Originally, this station was meant to be a place for me to express myself. Now, the main focus of this blog has changed from that to more of what I would call – Life Sharing.

I believe that everyone of us here on Earth have at least something that he/she can share with the others. That is the reason why I am now using this blog as a platform to share with my life experiences and also serves as a door to the world of knowledge where I bring you loads of media be it educational, weird, funny, entertaining, insprirational and etc. That is also one of the reason why this blog is called a Station. A place where people from all over gathers.

Yup I am getting pretty philosophic today. LOL. Anyway I hope you guys who visits the station enjoy what your eyes sees/reads. ^^, Have a great weekend!

Sexy School Uniform??Raep??Pre-Marital Sex??

Ok, I do not know how long this shit is going to keep going, but in my opinion, debating about a womens’ attire isn’t going to solve a bloody thing about raep! Period! And I do hope those who made these kind of comments do some homework before speaking and make a fool out of yourself!

This below is extracted from The Star Online :

Thursday May 22, 2008

School uniform sexy, says group

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian group condemned the uniform worn by girls at government schools, saying it encouraged rape and pre-marital sex.

“The white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction,” National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia vice-president Munirah Bahari said in a statement.

“It becomes a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it,” she said, calling for a review of uniform policy so that it did not violate Islamic ideals.

In multicultural Malaysia, home to majority-Muslim Malays as well as ethnic Chinese and Indians, female students at government schools have a choice of wearing a white blouse with a knee-length skirt or pinafore.

They may also wear a “baju kurung” and a headscarf is optional for Malay students.

Munirah said that “covering up” according to Islamic precepts was important to fend off social ills, including “rape, sexual harassment and even premarital sex.

This leads to babies born out of wedlock and, to an extent, even prostitution,” she said.

“Decent clothes which are not revealing can prevent and protect women from any untoward situations,” she said, suggesting that girls wear a blouse of a different colour or with an undergarment.

However, the girls themselves also came in for criticism, with the association saying that some used the white blouse to lure men.

“This is the source of the problem, where we can see that schoolgirls themselves are capable of using this to attract men to them,” Munirah said.

“This could see them getting molested, having premarital sex and all sorts of things.” – AFP

And below are some reactions about the comment. Also extracted from The Star Online :

Friday May 23, 2008

Islamic group’s uniform comment slammed


PETALING JAYA: Something must be seriously wrong with local men if the sight of girls in their school uniform turns them on, says Sisters in Islam.

Programme manager, Norhayati Kaprawi, describes claims made by National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia that the school uniform worn by girls at government schools “encouraged rape and pre-marital sex” as baseless.

“I totally disagree with the statement. What? Even wearing baju kurung is still not enough?” she asked.

“As for the white blouse being too transparent, Malay women who are in mourning wear white baju kurung. Even Umno women wear white baju kurung. So what is the issue?” she said when contacted Thursday.

Dress code debacle: An Islamic group condemned girls’ school uniform, saying it encouraged rape and pre-marital sex.

The student association’s vice-president Munirah Bahari had stated that “the white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it.”

She also called for a review of the uniform policy so that it did not violate Islamic ideals.

Women’s Aid Organisation executive director Ivy Josiah said what was needed was ”a review of misguided beliefs about women’s attire,” not a review of the uniform policy.

“Statistics and research has shown that all women – young, old, women clad in tudung (headscarf), miniskirts, even babies in diapers – have been victims of rape and sexual assault.

“It is entirely irresponsible for anyone to suggest the idea that rape is a result of attire. Rape is not about attire, it’s about power that perpetrators feel they have over their victims,” she pointed out.

Even men spoke out against Munirah’s logic.

Men’s Action Network Against Violence (man.v) member David Anthony said such statements stereotyped men as people who don’t see women as anything other than sex objects.

“It’s the wrong attitude … it’s perversion,” he said.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen declined comment.

Friday May 23, 2008

Teachers and students scoff at ‘baseless’ statement


PETALING JAYA: Some teachers and students have hit out at National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia for saying that the uniform worn by girls at government schools is “sexy” and “a tool to lure men”.

One male teacher even suggested that instead of debating the sexiness of the uniform, more focus should be directed towards male self-control.

SMK Assunta Sixth Form student D. Presana was appalled by the group’s comment that the uniforms “encouraged rape and pre-marital sex”.

“Pre-marital sex has nothing to do with what girls wear to school. It is the couple’s mentality and the spiritual guidance they receive that influence their behaviour,” she said.

The association’s vice-president Munirah Bahari had called for a review of the uniform policy, saying that some girls used the “transparent” white blouse to lure men.

A teacher at a girls’ school in the Klang Valley said Munirah should not have made such baseless statements.

“She should carry out a study and see if our school uniform is indeed a factor that contributes to rape and pre-marital sex,” she said.

The teacher added that it was compulsory for female students at her school to wear a camisole under their baju kurung and only white and skin-coloured bras were allowed.

A Form Five male student of a school in Penang said the suggestion that female students “cover up” might not be a smart move, as it is hot and humid in Malaysia.

“It would make them feel even more uncomfortable studying in our hot weather. And I have not heard of any complaint from my female schoolmates that their uniform (with the pinafore on) is transparent,” he said.

A Malay teacher in Malacca, however, suggested that thicker material be used to make the white blouse.

And below is what our Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein has to say :

Monday May 26, 2008

Nothing sexy about girls’ school uniform

PALOH: There is nothing sexy about the school uniform now worn by girls in government schools, says Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

He said he personally felt it was unfair to blame the students or their uniform for sexual crimes.

“From what I have seen, clothing is not the main consideration of those who commit despicable acts. Usually, there is an underlying problem, such as a disease, that makes them behave that way,” he said.

The National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia recently condemned the uniform as being too sexy and encouraging rape and pre-marital sex.

Hishammuddin said although he believed that changing the school uniform would not reduce sex crimes committed against schoolgirls, he would refer the matter to experts within his ministry to listen to various ideas before making a decision.

He also said that the uniform, which has been there for so many years, would not change very much in the next few years.

“It is unfair to punish women and children and the clothes they wear for the act of rapists,” he said, adding that he could not allow such stereotyping to continue.

I find the comments made very very very stupid. School uniform sexy?? At least do some statistical research before making such a stupid comment. And the best thing about this is school uniform encouraged pre-marital sex? What the hell? I don’t see how this is related. Do you?

Below is what I extract from Nation Master about raep(per capita) :

Crime Statistics > Rapes (per capita) (most recent) by country

Showing latest available data.
Rank Countries Amount (top to bottom)
#1 South Africa: 1.19538 per 1,000 people
#2 Seychelles: 0.788294 per 1,000 people
#3 Australia: 0.777999 per 1,000 people
#4 Montserrat: 0.749384 per 1,000 people
#5 Canada: 0.733089 per 1,000 people
#6 Jamaica: 0.476608 per 1,000 people
#7 Zimbabwe: 0.457775 per 1,000 people
#8 Dominica: 0.34768 per 1,000 people
#9 United States: 0.301318 per 1,000 people
#10 Iceland: 0.246009 per 1,000 people
#11 Papua New Guinea: 0.233544 per 1,000 people
#12 New Zealand: 0.213383 per 1,000 people
#13 United Kingdom: 0.142172 per 1,000 people
#14 Spain: 0.140403 per 1,000 people
#15 France: 0.139442 per 1,000 people
#16 Korea, South: 0.12621 per 1,000 people
#17 Mexico: 0.122981 per 1,000 people
#18 Norway: 0.120836 per 1,000 people
#19 Costa Rica: 0.118277 per 1,000 people
#20 Venezuela: 0.115507 per 1,000 people
#21 Finland: 0.110856 per 1,000 people
#22 Netherlands: 0.100445 per 1,000 people
#23 Denmark: 0.0914948 per 1,000 people
#24 Germany: 0.0909731 per 1,000 people
#25 Bulgaria: 0.0795973 per 1,000 people
#26 Chile: 0.0782179 per 1,000 people
#27 Thailand: 0.0626305 per 1,000 people
#28 Kyrgyzstan: 0.0623785 per 1,000 people
#29 Poland: 0.062218 per 1,000 people
#30 Sri Lanka: 0.0599053 per 1,000 people
#31 Hungary: 0.0588588 per 1,000 people
#32 Estonia: 0.0547637 per 1,000 people
#33 Ireland: 0.0542829 per 1,000 people
#34 Switzerland: 0.0539458 per 1,000 people
#35 Belarus: 0.0514563 per 1,000 people
#36 Uruguay: 0.0512295 per 1,000 people
#37 Lithuania: 0.0508757 per 1,000 people
#38 Malaysia: 0.0505156 per 1,000 people
#39 Romania: 0.0497089 per 1,000 people
#40 Czech Republic: 0.0488234 per 1,000 people
#41 Russia: 0.0486543 per 1,000 people
#42 Latvia: 0.0454148 per 1,000 people
#43 Moldova: 0.0448934 per 1,000 people
#44 Colombia: 0.0433254 per 1,000 people
#45 Slovenia: 0.0427648 per 1,000 people
#46 Italy: 0.0402045 per 1,000 people
#47 Portugal: 0.0364376 per 1,000 people
#48 Tunisia: 0.0331514 per 1,000 people
#49 Zambia: 0.0266383 per 1,000 people
#50 Ukraine: 0.0244909 per 1,000 people
#51 Slovakia: 0.0237525 per 1,000 people
#52 Mauritius: 0.0219334 per 1,000 people
#53 Turkey: 0.0180876 per 1,000 people
#54 Japan: 0.017737 per 1,000 people
#55 Hong Kong: 0.0150746 per 1,000 people
#56 India: 0.0143187 per 1,000 people
#57 Qatar: 0.0139042 per 1,000 people
#58 Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of: 0.0132029 per 1,000 people
#59 Greece: 0.0106862 per 1,000 people
#60 Georgia: 0.0100492 per 1,000 people
#61 Armenia: 0.00938652 per 1,000 people
#62 Indonesia: 0.00567003 per 1,000 people
#63 Yemen: 0.0038597 per 1,000 people
#64 Azerbaijan: 0.00379171 per 1,000 people
#65 Saudi Arabia: 0.00329321 per 1,000 people
Weighted average: 0.1 per 1,000 people

DEFINITION: Total recorded rapes. Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence. Per capita figures expressed per 1,000 population.

SOURCE: Seventh United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems, covering the period 1998 – 2000 (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention)

And in the statistics, Malaysia ranked 38th, while Japan ranked 54th. If we compare these two countries, Japan will beat us flat anytime in terms of fashion and clothing! So is clothing a factor here? And if you still insist, see who ranked 1st. Still clothing is a factor??
I really urge those making these kind of comments, please please please do not blame women anymore for being raep again. Who likes to be raep? Please. Its time to stop this nonsense and really take the issue seriously instead of taking the easy way out. Come on! Think like a mature country instead of beating around in the bush and making nonsensical and baseless comments!
P.S : Sorry for the messy statistics table. ^^,

The Tissue Issue

Ok Nicki kinda brought this topic up when we were having dinner earlier. After eating, Nicki wanted a tissue, but instead of asking, she waited until when we are all in the car already then she asked Prawn to pass her a tissue from my car.

It seems that guys are not expected to carry tissues with them. Maybe its girlish or anything? I dunno. But I find it convenient and it comes in handy sometimes! >.^

Long gone were the days of handkerchief

Anyway this is the statistics for tissue consumption globally according to country :

Global tissue paper consumption by country

And why does USA always tops the charts??

Something to Wonder..You Deserve to Be Raep???

Well I was browsing in youtube and I stumble across this video which I find it quite interesting. If I remember correctly this issue has been reported before in the newspaper long long time ago. But still no harm right. ^^,

For me I think that if raped cases were so easily solved, it would have been solved bloody long time ago. And I think the factor that contributes to raep does not come from what a women wear.

Well something interesting here which I got from DannyChoo, where the following excerpts is copied from the comment section from fellow member pkick:

International rape statistics courtesy of
Japan’s rate: 0.017737 per 1,000 people
Great Britain’s rate: 0.142172 per 1,000 people
USA’s rate: 0.301318 per 1,000 people

Even if you
(1) assume the worst about Japan and believe that only 1 in 10 incidents get reported, and
(2) assume the best about the Anglo-Western nations and believe that every single incident gets reported,
Japan’s rate is _still_ remarkably low. Even more so considering its widespread reputation for perversion.
Japan certainly isn’t perfect, but I don’t think this is one of their major problems.

Everbody knows about Japan very well. They have all sorts of eroge products that you can imagine and yet the statictics. I do not think that what a women wear will contribute to raep cases. So I guess it all comes to the individual and moral values of the nation. Not what a women wear.

I guess he did not do his homework before giving the speech.



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