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Multiple-Random-Post Post

Yet another random post!

I actually wanted to show you guys about our Batch’s BBQ session last Sunday but dang! I forgor to bring my camera here to the LAN room! So I can’t upload those photos! >.< Therefore it will come in the next post! Sorry about that.

Anyway first of all, I wanted to let you guys know that there is a new feature here on Sanctuary Station. I have added a new chat/shout box for your convenience if you ever need to notify me about anything or just chat randomly. More organised! And all this is THANKS TO NICKI for making it happen! Even registered it for me. All I have to do is just add it here. So Thank You for that!


I spotted this in Danny and its super cool!!!

Here’s the video from Danny :

Thirdly, wanna share with you guys some really cool cosplayer!

Death Note

Naruto Shippuden

And the plastic soldier! Again spotted this in Danny

More at : Sankaku Complex

And finally, since I love the skies so much, this is what I have found. Via DeviantArt

Again for full size picture, click on it! ^^,


AnTi – Smoking!

Many parties are working hand in hand in reducing the number of smokers worldwide! We have all seen the effects of smoking – how it harms the smokers and also those innocent souls in range of those toxic smoke.

And again with my usual self immersing myself in the internet, looking for stuff –  I found this very interesting piece of art!

Struggling to get out?

Image by : lucaszoltowski



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