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Images speaks more than words,

Hijacked from Danny Choo

No offence to whichever party, but this is just hilarious. I guess its not so much of stupidity here, but more of like a temporary brain ‘hang’.

This also goes to show us that – why think so much at times? Sometimes the solution is just right in front of us. We just need to look closer. ^^, Cheers.


Special Toilet Sign??

Originally uploaded by CriMsOn_dReaMs

Well at first glance when you look at this picture, do you think that something about this picture that is weird?

For me, I do not know why is there a need to put the additional notice below to notify people that this toilet is only for males(the finer prints below the TANDAS UNTUK LELAKI SAHAJA is SEKIAN,HARAP MAKLUM DAN TERIMA KASIH). I thought the blue sign with a guy and the small little word “Lelaki” there is enough to signifies that this toilet is only meant for males.

Can’t seem to find any reasons for it. Perhaps you have some idea?



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