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Final Weeks of Semester II!!

Finally this is the 14th weeks which is also the last week of my second semester and probably my last semester here in Sabah. I do not have much update this week except most of the time I am struggling to keep up with datelines of assignments, presentations, tests and all those minor minor miscellaneous stuff which needs completion.

I am getting news that my sent-off date for my flying course is confirmed, which is on 12th May 2008!! ^^, one more month to go before I start my journey to the skies!! Very very excited but at the same time quite sad as I will be leaving behind my friends who we have struggled together for 2 semesters. These few days I have been busy typing letters, searching for documents and also asking around for the proper procedure to quit my university. I thought at first that the process would be a very complicated one, but after asking around it seems quite simple and straightforward.

So quitting my university just requires an official letter stating that I am quitting but what I am worried here is about my PTPTN loan. So yesterday I decided to give them a ring to ask about the procedure to cancel my loan. I expect to wait a long time listening to “music” before I talk to somebody but surprisingly I only waited for about 2 dial tones before a guy picked up the phone. I guess the lines are still ok because the university application results are not out yet for this year. I think once its out the PTPTN people will face barrages of calls upon them!!

I guess thats about this week. Not much happening except I am constantly thinking about my flight school and waiting for a call from the MAS HR office while I am enjoying myself with my fellow comrades here in university. Also I am feeling kinda tired these few days, maybe because its the last week of the semester and I am starting to get lazy. Always feels like I just wanna lie down on the bed the whole day. Or maybe do something which I will be happy instead of studying for the upcoming exam. Still wondering why I always dread when exams are approaching. Hmm..


みんなさん、しけんは がんばってください!! (^w^)d


Izzit the PTPTN or the University

Ok my finals are coming and I need to pay my fees before I am able to print out my exam slip. So today I went to the Chancellery to pay my outstanding fees which is RM329.oo. Getting to the place isn’t easy as it is situated on top of a hill, so I will have to endure climbing lots of steps before I am finally there.

Thought that after reaching there everything would be easy. But I was so wrong. The whole building is like a maze and finding my way to the Treasury Department did take some time. But thanks to my friends who accompanied me, that time is reduced. Upon entering the Treasury Department there is also no instruction on the proper procedure to pay our fees. We have to go to a counter to get a slip before proceeding to pay at another counter. Again its thanks to my friend that I am able to settle my fees in a flash.

What I don’t understand is that why PTPTN did not deduct from my account the total fees instead deduct just three quarter of the fees and made me went all the way just to pay RM329. For those who got the full loan they don’t need to go and pay as PTPTN has already deducted from their account. As for us who got the half loan, even after the deduction for the full fees we still have about RM200 in our account. Why don’t they just deduct the full amount??Instead they deduct three quarter of the fees and we have about RM500 in our account. Isn’t it the same just to deduct from our account instead of us withdrawing the money from the bank or get the cash from our parents and then go pay ourselves? It just creates more hassle for us students.

I do not know whether this is the loop hole on the university’s side or the PTPTN’s side. I do hope that they change this system as I feel it is ridiculous. Because I do not see if there is any difference in doing so. It just creates double-work and more hassle for the students. Also more time is wasted.



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