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Rainbow Rice

Vîsüål1016Had this rice for dinner last night. Looks colorful doesn’t it. ^^,

I am not really sure what it is called but lets settle for Rainbow Rice for now alright. >.<

I am also not sure how it was made but from the look of it, dye was definitely used. Hahahaha.

And about the texture, it feels like those rice from chicken rice. A little oily kind of feel to it.

And the taste? This is the interesting part I guess. I am not so sure how it taste like for my other batch mates who ate it but for me, the rice has a very faint hint of candy-like taste. The little sweetness like those you expect from a gumball. It may be weird reading that rice taste sweet, but it really does. Either that or my tastebuds are going haywire. >.<

The plus point here though is, although it taste sweet, it is very very faint and when you eat it with other dishes, the sweetness manages to mix very well and it is really really delicious! ^^,

I have never seen this type of rice before. I have seen Nasi Tomato, Nasi Briyani and others, but Rainbow-Colored Rice? Definitely something new. ^^,

P.S : For those of you who knows what this is called, how it was made and where it originates from, do let me know. ^^,


回転寿司(かいてんずし)- Kaiten Belt Adventure

Have you ever been on a kaiten belt before? If you haven’t, now’s the time. じゃ いきましょう!

I found out about these in Do check out his website for more stuff about Japan!

Sushi Partaking For Dummies

Ok, everyone knows what a sushi is. But does everyone know The Way Of The Samurai Sushi? From entering the store until you are done ‘refuelling’? If you don’t, here a video to teach you the know-how. Subtitles are included! ^^,

I can’t embed the video here so you have to click here instead : Sushi Way

Enjoy your meal!

Cheesy Cheese Cakes

It has been some time since I had the chance munch on some Extremely Delicious Cheese Cakes (EDCC)! But then fret no more!! It’s all thanks to Danny boy!

Danny’s family came to visit him last weekend and was kind enough to treat us to some EDCC!! (I know it is Friday already today and this is from last weekend. I kinda forgot I snapped this picture until today when I took out my camera’s battery for a recharge. >.< )

WARNING : Viewing the following picture might make you feel HUNGRY! Proceed at your own discretion!

The cake comes in a few designs and I chose the one with a smiley face!

Looking at this cute little smiley face, I have to go grab my camera and snap a few photos before digging in! >.<


It is unlike any usual cheese cakes where it comes in slices. This little smiley cheese cake comes in a tiny little ice-cream-like-cup. At first I thought it was ice cream(because the cup felt cold) until Danny told me it was a cheese cake >.<


A closer look at the cup! Let’s say Cheese! (^u^)v


For those interested hungry soul, you can get this cheese cake at The Loaf, Telaga Harbour, Langkawi!

And for your info, Telaga Harbour has not only cheese cakes but there are tonnes of other restaurants there also! Notably a Russian Restaurant, a Cuban restaurant (as heard from Danny), many other restaurants and a KFC restaurant! LOL.

Additional info :  –  The other variety of cakes from U-Hu-Hu!

–  The many interesting place to dine if you happen to be in Langkawi!

And I went to check out FATbregas‘s blog yesterday and notices that among all my comrades, I am the only fella using WordPress! The others all uses Blogspot! T.T

I used to use Blogspot to blog but then when I started using WordPress, I just got stucked with it! I love it.


See! I am the only WordPress guy sandwiched in between all those Blogspot-ters! >.<

Anyway thats all for now! Kind of hungry now after seeing those cheese cake pictures! I guess this is what we call induced-hunger! LOL

Hangar; Week One

Hmmm. . What should I say about the Hangar? Hmmm. . . The hangar just gives me a very different kind of feeling when I am there. You know just like kids-in-Disneyland kind of feeling. Well, aside from the scorching heat and the awful smell of fuel and kerosene, it is an AWESOME place to go to. There is so much learning here! Talking to the mechanics is way better than reading your book! With all the aircraft around you it is just fun! Well after all, how often do you get to lean on an airplane? Or read newspaper on the wing? >.<

So the first picture of today….

Is from my room! LOL. This is my new wallpaper! As opposed to the previous Haruhi wallpaper I used below.

Just love that cute lil nendoroid. ^^, FuGa!

Next! Breakfast! This is my weekend breakfast!

For me weekday breakfast, we have this. . .

Spaghetti and pancake with pancake syrup! Bloody delicious! Looking at this it made me felt hungry angain!!!!!

Ok ok, back to hangar! >.<

This is the first picture we took at then hangar using Fariez’s phone but God knows where the hell he is looking la. And btw, the aircraft behind us is a Diamond DA-42. A twin engine aircraft! We won’t be flying this yet though.

This is the same plane but with the engine cowling opened! My first ever look at an aircraft engine!

A closer look. See how clean the engine is! Compared to a car’s engine. . . The piping a cables all looked damn beautiful. Just like some super car engine! >.<

The other side of the engine.

This below is the aircraft that I am going to fly. This the the Socata Tobago 10. Single engine constant speed propeller, powered by Lycoming engine, model O-360-A1AD, producing 180BHP, rated RPM 2700!

This aircraft from what I heard, suffered a propeller strike. Thus you don’t see the propeller here. Other than that this fella is flyable still! And also this airplane’s left wing has a small dent. The instructor told us that it hit a kite =.=|| poor fella.

This is the cockpit of the Diamond DA-40.

Oh and this week we went to the tower for a visit. We need to go to the tower often when we are flying navigation sorties I think. To submit flight plans.

The experience at the tower was amazing! We learned so many new stuffs that we have never even read before!

Danial a.k.a Mr Bean there looking stoned. . . (If he sees this I am dead…… >.<)

View of the apron, taxiway and the runway from the tower!

A privatet jet parked on the bay

The guy sitting there is the controller and the screen he is looking at is the radar screen of all the traffic. The yellow tags you see in the screen are all aircrafts. He is actually holding a telephone-like transmitter on his right hand giving instructions to aircrafts. The controller’s job really is like a chess player mixed with a  chef. He constantly needs to think of all the movement and how he can make sure nobody crashes into each other and also ensure smooth flow of traffic. He is also like a chef because he needs to remember who request what and when to give clearance to who. It is really crazy. And if you see to the right of the radar screen you will see a board with Langgun, Datai and Cincin. Thats actually the name of our training area and this board will help him in keeping tabs of all the traffic present.

This is what I will have to study now. And also another Type Technical book.

This is basically the Standard Operating Procedures(S.O.P) for our aircraft. It basically tells us our do’s and don’ts. The technical book on the other hand tells us everything about our aircraft. So for comparison, S.O.Ps are like telling you how you should drive a car and technical book is like your car’s owner manual.

See all the procedures. Scary!

Aircraft all lined up ready for start-up with a MAS aircraft departing in the background. This picture would look great if the weather was better!

Anyway thats all for this week. Will post more pics when I start flying next week!

3 Days to Go!!

This would most probably be the busiest, or should I say, the craziest week ever since I came here. Why? Thats because come this Monday, I will be sitting for my in-school DCAT final exam. There will be 4 papers – Airframe, Piston & Jet Engines, Theory of Flight and Electrics. So its kinda crazy over this weekend to have to study all the 4 of this subject in 2 days. And mind you, we have worksheets to do also.

Anyway, let me take you through a typical day of myself in the flying school.

Alarm blares like mad at 0530 hours. A new day for me. Excited. But somehow wished I could sleep longer. >.<

Bath, and then get myself into the uniform and off I go with my room mate to the cafe for our breakfast! For today, this is what we are havin :

Tuna sandwich with hot Milo! What a way to start your day! Yum Yum Yum! ^^,

So after breakfast, I went into our class which is called Tobago 10, which is the name of the aircraft I am going to fly soon.

Class is until 1345 hours. So after class, its lunch time! Got too hungry so I did not take any photo. Instead I got this photo when I am going back to the room after lunch.

^^, Beautiful ain’t it!

In case you are wondering how much I have to study over the weekend, here’s the load :

Colored books are worksheets. I estimate it to be nearly 700-1000 Questions here. And the 5 books there which I need to study.

So any of you guys out there still think being pilots is just something easy where you just sit and press buttons, think again.

Take 2

The power of RedBull! For comparison purposes. LOL >.<

Well forget about books and lets come back to food again.

This is undoubtedly one of the best views. See this wonderful view everyday when I am on my way to the cafeteria for dinner!

LOL. No food picture today though. Wakaka.

Oh and did I mention that we finally received our Airport Pass today? Well its nothing big or anything, but I feel damn proud when it was issued to us. It just make me feel that I am one step closer to the cockpit. ^^, And it always gives me the motivation to strive harder!

^^, Proud to present……..the Botak Head!!! ^^,,

Anyway I am kinda tired now, so I guess I will stop here. See you guys in 3 days time when I am back

Food In My Flying School

Well this is a really short post. Just to let you guys know what I am eating here. We do get good food here and occasionally, we get extra good food – as shown in the picture below.

For tonight we have lamb, 1 popiah, and one triangular popiah ( I am not sure what is it called), vege, watermelon, kuih kodok >.<, and one desert – bubur chacha. One for those who don’t take lamb, you can have a fish fillet!

They have orange juice also but then I did not take it…. Well mainly because my hands are occupied with carrying what you just saw above >.<

Well Kira, now you have an idea what we ate here. And for those who don’t know who Kira is, go here! An interesting depiction of exams posted by him



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