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YouTube Addiction!! T.T

Lately I have been watching YouTube day and night nonstop! I have succumbed to the YouTube drug and I am now terribly addicted!! T.T

Have been watching mostly stuff about aviation, mainly Air Crash Investigation, Mayday, National Geographic and etc. I know I know, its boring to you but it is pretty “entertaining” to me ^^,

Any cure for this kind of addiction?? T.T

P.S : Here’s one example of what I have been watching. This is the incident of Iran Air Flight 655 that was mistaken to be a hostile F-14 and was shot down by a U.S AEGIS Cruiser, USS Vincennes back in 1988. Not only did the U.S not apologize for its actions, several of the ship’s crew was awarded with medals. I am not in the military or anything, but I believe all measures must be taken before firing a missile, because whatever you are shooting it, might come back to haunt you later. Hundreds of innocent lives are lost due to this.

Mistaken Identity Plane Crash pt 1

Mistaken Identity Plane Crash pt 2

Mistaken Identity Plane Crash pt 3

Mistaken Identity Plane Crash pt 4

Mistaken Identity Plane Crash pt 5

I don’t know bout you but what I think was, the crew relied too much on their high-tech toys. Yes, the radar can pick up 100 targets over 300 kilometers but it can’t tell its size and they don’t have the capability to tune into civilian VHF channel. High-tech but still there are flaws. And the path that the plane took is a well-known international flight route. Plus I think that there is a difference between a diving F-14 and a descending Airbus. Perhaps maybe at 14nm you can’t really see the aircraft from the ship, but perhaps try a visual conformation at least. And the most ironic is that the crews are awarded medals. Why don’t they award medals when they were shooting at each other during the recent Iraq war. There have been numerous friendly fires among themselves. So you can shoot down the wrong target and still get a medal. Wow, now thats something! And they actually shot the plane inside Iranian waters!

More info here


U.S Frigate Ship

For this post, lets warp back in time to 22nd February 2008!

22nd February 2008

Ok well today is my birthday and things sure are exciting as this is my 21st birthday which means I am officially legal and there is a trip today organised by IEEE to a U.S frigate ship that has just docked in Kota Kinabalu the day before. I begin my day as every over day by reading Mens’ Health magazine in the morning while munching down crackers before taking a bath to prepare to go to class which is from 0800 – 0900. I will skip the class part as is it “very interesting”

A moment after….

Ok class has finished and our trip is scheduled to begin at 1100 hours,therefore we have another 2 hours of time to burn off. I did not do anything much except listen to Rudy and JJ on while looking at my friends chatting away.

After 2 hours on radio, its finally time to board the bus to begin our 20 minutes trip to the port. Upon reaching the port, we need to clear a few security checkpoints before being allowed entry into the port and I thought that there would be a vehicle to pick us up and drop us off near the ship but there is no such vehicle and we are forced to walk for about 10 minutes to get to the ship.

At the ship there is another security checkpoint, this time conducted by a U.S Navy Officer. We need to submit our Identity Card to get our identity clarified. After all this we were introduced to our tour guide (I forgot his name) and he took us on board the ship. The first section that we visit is the bow part of the ship and we are briefed about the ship’s firefighting team and also how the anchor of the ship works.

Next we are brought into the ship into the operations room where this whole room is filled with computer and it feels like a freezer here as we were told that they have to keep the room cool to cool down the many computers that flood the room. It was cool as this room is filled with equipments that can fire weapons, perform Helo operations and also track ship movements. After fidgeting with some of the equipments in that room, we were brought to the next section which is the bridge.

The bridge is even cooler with big charts, equipments and a REALLY SMALL STEERING WHEEL. Yup, a really really small steering wheel(which you can grab it with your hand). I thought the steering wheel would be something very big like those we often saw in the movies but I was so wrong.

After the bridge we were brought to the aft of the ship where there is a Seahawk helicopter parked there and this is also the area where most of the weapons are located. We were shown a .50-caliber gun, a cannon and also a Gatling gun that spits out thousands of rounds per minute. What that interest me most in this trip is the HELICOPTER which I just can’t keep my eyes off it.

It was finally the time when we were brought to the helicopter and they open all the doors to allow us to look inside it. I immediately climb into the cockpit to get a feel of how a pilot would feel and see inside a cockpit and it was amazing as there are a lot of buttons and instrument in the cockpit. It feels really nice to be in the seat of a U.S Navy Seahawk helicopter.

Then its finally time to go back. We got off the ship and begin taking photos outside as we are not allowed to took photos once we board the ship which explains why the lack of photograph in this post.

Instead of going back, we decided to go to the town to celebrate where we went to よしみ(Yoshimi) to enjoy some delicious Japanese Cuisine in which I had ぎゅにく てりやき(Gyuniku Teriyaki). After lunch, we went to watch Jumper before proceeding home.

Sorry for the quick ending because I am going to a meeting now.



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