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Baaaaa~~ Baaaaa~~ Baaaaa~~

Found this while I am on my daily routine browsing through
looking for interesting stuff. Scanning…..Scanning….. Found!


Extremely cool way of shepherding sheeps!


YouTube Domino!

The new year seems like yesterday and now with a blink of an eye, it has already been March! ^^, Anyway this week I have been visiting YouTube a lot and has been looking mostly at videos about dominos! Reminds me very much of the movie V For Vendetta.

I guess everybody loves dominos – seeing how difficult is it to build one and then finally ‘firing’ it and see how it falls one by one in sync! Pure satisfaction I would say. ^^,

Picked out a few which I love. Enjoy :

Low Clearance 2

14,000 Piece Puzzle

Not enough? Lets take it to the next level!

Domino PCs: The Real Thing: 86 PCs in a row! The Original

^^, Have a nice day!



Foot Print Finder

  • 188,012 pairs of foot print(s) found

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