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Google Street View Guys

GoogleThe Google Street View guys going on a road trip to photograph the entire country.

Moral of the story? Choose your buddy wisely. LOL. Have a nice day. Cheers~



Images speaks more than words,

Hijacked from Danny Choo

No offence to whichever party, but this is just hilarious. I guess its not so much of stupidity here, but more of like a temporary brain ‘hang’.

This also goes to show us that – why think so much at times? Sometimes the solution is just right in front of us. We just need to look closer. ^^, Cheers.

Brainstorming —> Thought Showering

Ok this is a very weird piece of news that I am gonna share with you guys.

Recently in UK, the term ‘Brainstorming’ has been replaced with ‘Thought Showering’, and it is now illegal to say Brain Storm! Why you might asked? Well UK is a very caring country and apparently the term ‘Brain Storm’ is banned on the grounds that it might offend epileptics!

But you know, the term ‘Thought Showering’ sounds even worse to me. It is just wrong. I just feel that there is no ‘Ummph’ to it. It sounds weak. And its kinda funny when you think about it – Thought Showering. Its just weird. @.@

So folks, the next time you hear anyone says ‘Brain Strom’, you are granted the License to Slap straight from UK to you! LOL

Boy: Ms, shall I do a Brain Storm?
Teacher: WHAT!?!? BLASPHEMER!! *uppercuts*

by Cloud


This joke is hilarious! I hijacked it from this blog! Its a great blog in my opinion! You guys can go check it out and in the meantime this is the hijacked joke :

Out Somewhere Expensive

When I got home from work last night, my wife demanded

that I take her out to some place expensive…………….


… So I took her to a petrol station

Link to the original joke —-> here



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