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Farting Road

The title says it all. ^^, This video have been dubbed with a farting sound but actually it is an IED exploding in a road in Iraq. Quite cool actually the effect. The whole road just blow up. But if I were there, this would definitely make me shit myself >.< . Lucky it exploded early(or should I say late for the first vehicle) or the soldier recording this would have been blown to pieces! This is just scary!


YouTube Addiction!! T.T

Lately I have been watching YouTube day and night nonstop! I have succumbed to the YouTube drug and I am now terribly addicted!! T.T

Have been watching mostly stuff about aviation, mainly Air Crash Investigation, Mayday, National Geographic and etc. I know I know, its boring to you but it is pretty “entertaining” to me ^^,

Any cure for this kind of addiction?? T.T

P.S : Here’s one example of what I have been watching. This is the incident of Iran Air Flight 655 that was mistaken to be a hostile F-14 and was shot down by a U.S AEGIS Cruiser, USS Vincennes back in 1988. Not only did the U.S not apologize for its actions, several of the ship’s crew was awarded with medals. I am not in the military or anything, but I believe all measures must be taken before firing a missile, because whatever you are shooting it, might come back to haunt you later. Hundreds of innocent lives are lost due to this.

Mistaken Identity Plane Crash pt 1

Mistaken Identity Plane Crash pt 2

Mistaken Identity Plane Crash pt 3

Mistaken Identity Plane Crash pt 4

Mistaken Identity Plane Crash pt 5

I don’t know bout you but what I think was, the crew relied too much on their high-tech toys. Yes, the radar can pick up 100 targets over 300 kilometers but it can’t tell its size and they don’t have the capability to tune into civilian VHF channel. High-tech but still there are flaws. And the path that the plane took is a well-known international flight route. Plus I think that there is a difference between a diving F-14 and a descending Airbus. Perhaps maybe at 14nm you can’t really see the aircraft from the ship, but perhaps try a visual conformation at least. And the most ironic is that the crews are awarded medals. Why don’t they award medals when they were shooting at each other during the recent Iraq war. There have been numerous friendly fires among themselves. So you can shoot down the wrong target and still get a medal. Wow, now thats something! And they actually shot the plane inside Iranian waters!

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